"This is a gem – students build their habits for making predictions about unknown words as they learn prefixes, suffixes, and roots."
  Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., Professor of Language and Literacy Education in the Department of Teacher Education at San Diego State University, Teacher, Author, Literacy Consultant
  “Word Bank is a fantastic addition to learning not only word roots, vocabulary and definitions, but so much more. Daily my students practice their reading comprehension skills, writing applications, as well as test taking strategies with Word Bank. The focus of each Word Bank lesson always seems to align with something that I have taught the students, either in their writing, grammar, or in their reading. Also, students begin to take notice of the vocabulary words in their everyday lives, as well as practice using them in their writing. It is a FANTASTIC tool that I encourage all to try.”
  Kelly Joslin, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Mitchell Senior Elementary School, Atwater, CA
  “"This material was put together thoughtfully and creatively by teachers who know their students’ attention spans and ability levels. The repetition and contextual application is what helps kids remember their words!"
  Tess Harback, Teacher, Atascadero Unified School District
   “I have a wide range of abilities in my class of 5th graders, and use Word Bank curriculum to challenge my higher kids. They respond to it positively and it definitely has had an impact on their vocabulary acquisition.”The other students get to hear the words each week, but don’t do the accompanying exercises. It’s awesome, I love it.”
  Margaret Bowman, Yamhill Elementary School, Yamhill, OR
   “We implemented Word Bank curriculum as a school-wide vocabulary building project with great success. By having the whole learning community focus on the same vocabulary words each week, we not only increased our scores from pre- to post-tests (36-40% average each quarter), but built community involvement at the same time. It’s thoughtfully organized, contains sound academic vocabulary, and helps students comprehend and communicate at deeper levels.”
  Barbara Wenk, Teacher and Administrator (retired), Santa Maria High School
   "I have found Word Bank to be a valuable tool for improving my student’s vocabulary.  The emphasis on structural analysis (root words, prefixes and suffixes) helps to students to understand unfamiliar words.  The variety of activities that go along with each unit offer many opportunities for students to learn the words.  The repetition of the words in the following units is particularly helpful for my resource student’s retention of vocabulary words.  The reading comprehension section of the program gives students the opportunity to practice taking the CST and CAHSEE language arts tests. Thanks for the great product!"
  Cathy Murray, Teacher of resource and regular education English, Santa Maria High School
  "Word Bank provides a real context for vocabulary that also enriches students' understanding of syntax, literary terms, and words basic to a variety of disciplines, including science. In the classroom, it was evident to me that students subsequently integrated Word Bank vocabulary into their speaking and writing--improving their skills and abilities in multiple ways: confidence in the ability to express their thoughts with a rich vocabulary, improvement in reading comprehension, improved articulation in writing, and improved understanding of the world around them."
  Judith Robinson, English Teacher, Santa Maria High School, Santa Maria, CA