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Welcome to Word Bank, The Power of Words! This teacher-developed vocabulary development curriculum has been proven to increase student knowledge of academic vocabulary words, Greek and Latin word roots, prefixes and suffixes, and vocabulary performance on standardized tests.
Each CD contains 32 weeks (4 quarters X 8 weeks) of sound academic vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and writing curriculum suitable for school-wide vocabulary development or for individual classrooms. Word Bank, The Power of Words, includes Pre- and Post-Assessments, display words for your school or classroom, and an appendix for easy reference.
Please visit our Products and Pricing page to see our new pricing schedule. We still offer a very affordable site license rate for school-wide vocabulary programs and now present the option of purchasing the CD form of each Series (a pdf version) at a substantial savings.
In addition to being used for school-wide vocabulary development in a number of middle and secondary schools, Word Bank, The Power of Words is currently serving as a quality supplemental vocabulary curriculum in charter schools, home schools, and adult education programs as well.
For whatever your purjposes, we welcome your interest in this high powered vocabulary curriculum and are happy to discuss Word Bank, The Power of words with you at any time (Contact).
A note about grade levels: Because this curriculum was designed for school-wide vocabulary development, each of the notebooks was written to address a mixture of 6th through 9th grade level ELA standards. For those of you wishing to implement the curriculum for individual grade levels, we have received feedback that the following Series are appropriate for the following grade levels: Series III for 6th grade; Series IV for 7th grade; Series I for 8th grade; and Series II for 9th grade and above.